Tindrem Slums

Watch your back if you venture to far into this seedy part of Tindrem.

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Explore the Slums area of Tindrem in the video above to learn what the area has to offer. Use the time points listed below to  find the differnt vendors, tools and workbenches that are spread throughout the area.


Assassin 7:26

Banker 4:21

Broker 4:13

Crafting Librarian 3:51

Crafting Master Librarian 3:56

Hastilrious Librarian 3:37

Mail Man 2:36

Petroligist Librarian 4:01

Priest 00:44

Priest 4:37

Shady Librarian 2:20

Shady Librarian 6:44

Shady Librarian 7:08

Theivery Tutor 2:15

Trader 3:09


Blank Book Vendor 3:44

Bone Vendor 6:13

Cooking Vendor 1:20

Food Vendor 2:46

Food Vendor 2:56

Gear Vendor 3:00

Gear Vendor 3:27

Leather Vendor 3:04

Reagent Vendor 3:22

Reagent Vendor 4:49



Extraction Tutor 4:31

Extraction Tutor 4:58



Crusher 5:15

Grinder 5:30

Grizzly 5:06