Bakti is the central Most of 3 small Khurite settlements located in the south.

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Explore the settlement of Bakti in the video above to learn what the town has to offer. Use the time points listed below to  find the differnt vendors, tools and workbenches that are spread throughout the settlement.


Banker 2:40

Banker 8:20

Broker 8:24

Crafting Librarian 2:01

Equarry 00:49

General Librarian 7:53

Mail Man 1:08

Priest 7:29

Task Manager 1:14

Training Librarian 7:42



Bone Vendor 3:37

Bag Vendor 1:38

Food Vendor 8:16

Gear Vendor 1:42

Leather Vendor 3:43

Mount Equipment Vendor 1:27

Tabbard Vendor 3:06

Utility Vendor 1:32



Grave Yard 00:25


Armor Crafting Table 1:55

Butcher Tables 8:01

Fabricula Tables 2:51

Sheild Crafting Table 1:48

Weapon Crafting Table 2:08



Grinder 5:09

Grizzly 5:19

Kilns 2:13

Press 4:29